Fröhliches älteres Paar mit ELGA-Logo in der Hand

What is ELGA?

ELGA stands for “elektronische Gesundheitsakte” (electronic health records). ELGA is an information system that simplifies the process of accessing your health records for you and your doctors, as well as other health care professionals at hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies. Health data such as a patient’s test results are generated by a variety of health institutions. ELGA networks all of them and makes them available digitally by means of a link.

What is ELGA for?

ELGA makes it easier for you to manage your most important health data. Using ELGA, you and your doctor can access your records from any location, whenever you want – simply and securely. The aim is to supplement medical treatments and consultation with improved information flows, particularly when several health service providers are working together.

What is e-medication?

e-medication is an ELGA function. Medications prescribed by physicians and dispensed in the pharmacy are stored as a so-called e-medication list for one year. Via the ELGA portal at you can see your e-medication list yourself.

What is the timeline for ELGA?

The implementation started in December 2015 in public hospitals and care facilities in Vienna and Styria. The introduction of ELGA in the hospitals is almost complete. Half the population of Austria already has ELGA contact. More than 160 facilities, such as hospitals, are already successfully working with ELGA throughout Austria, with more than 14 million e-records already available via ELGA. ELGA will gradually be available in the established area. The rollout of the ELGA "e-medication" function in pharmacies and MDs has now started with Vorarlberg; from March 2018, the other federal states, starting with Styria, will follow step by step.