Pärchen bedient Laptop mit ELGA-Logo

How can I access my ELGA records?

You can access your personal ELGA records online via the ELGA portal at www.gesundheit.gv.at by registering using your Handy-Signatur (digital signature) or Bürgerkarte (electronic identification card). This electronic ID enables the system to verify your identity. For more information on digital signatures and electronic identification cards, as well as registration and activation, visit www.buergerkarte.at.

What do my ELGA records show?

Similarly to the phased introduction of ELGA, your personal ELGA records will grow gradually. To start with, it will display discharge notifications, as well as laboratory and radiological results provided by hospitals already working with ELGA. Subsequently, also medication data. As soon as ELGA health data are generated for you, you will be able to view them yourself online via the ELGA portal. You will not be able to consult earlier records via ELGA. The system also shows who has accessed your ELGA health records, and when.

Do I have to participate in ELGA?

As a modern and secure infrastructure service, ELGA is available to everyone who has access to the Austrian health care system. Anyone who would like to opt out can do so either via the ELGA portal or by deregistering in writing via the ELGA opt-out service. Deregistration can also apply to specific ELGA records such as e-medication or e-results and can be reversed at any time.